Monday, February 22, 2010

Winona's story.

Wild rice was what brought Winona La Duke into activism, it all began when genetic patenting was created and a man wanted to patent a particular gene in wild rice for calorie reduction and she fought this very hard, later she went and fought coal mines and patenting of maize therefore going further into activism then one day her father said "you cant free sacred crops without ever growing maize." so she went back to her reservation (white earth) and started the land recovery project. I talked to her after her speech and she told me when she was running for vice president ten years ago her son who then was a baby kept on barfing on her shirt and having to nurse. It was fun at the Maple Lag resort (where the conference was held) I played with Winona's nephew, there was great food, it was a beautiful place and the people were wonderful two of them were Bill Gartner who is a funny scientist and Joy a beekeeper/wine maker.

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