Monday, February 8, 2010

Mandrake,thistle and elderberry.

In mandrakes both the fruit and the roots were used as ingredients in "flying ointments," psychedelic preparations allegedly used by fifteenth-century witches to enable them to fly on their brooms in astral projection.
Mandrake is called mandrake because the root looks somewhat like a human. Also mandrakes were used as intense sedative so early physicians could amputate a limb.

Milk thistle seed extracts have been used for over 2000 years in treating liver diseases, and modern research has confirmed their value. Milk thistle is well known in Europe, but not to the same degree in North America.

Seed extracts have been used for treating Amanita mushroom poisoning, and many other liver problems.

Various parts of the plant have also been regarded as edible and eaten as a vegetable.

Elderberry is a killer of the flue virus, it is an immune system builder, and a syrup from the berries is good for your lungs thank you good bye.

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